We made Llama13b-v2-chat immediately available as an endpoint for developers

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Hey r/MachineLearning, we've released tools that make it easy to test LLaMa 2 and add it to your own app! Model playground here: https://llama2.ai Hosted chat API here: https://replicate.com/a16z-infra/llama13b-v2-chat If you want to just play with the model, llama2.ai is a very easy way to do it. So far, we’ve found the performance is similar to GPT-3.5 with far fewer parameters, especially for creative tasks and interactions. Developers can: * clone the chatbot app as a starting point (https://github.com/a16z-infra/llama2-chatbot) * use the Replicate endpoint directly (https://replicate.com/a16z-infra/llama13b-v2-chat) * or even deploy your own LLaMA v2 fine tune with Cog (https://github.com/a16z-infra/cog-llama-template) Please let us know what you use this for or if you have feedback! And thanks to all contributors to this model, Meta, Replicate, the Open Source community!


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