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The Machine Learning world is moving quickly and keeping up with everything is hard. We send out a digest once per week with all the newest and best of the Machine Learning industry.

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What is this about?
An easy way for folks in the Machine Learning Industry to stay in the loop of newest developments, must-read books, guides, papers and similar.
Who is this for?
Researchers and ML Engineers looking to stay informed. Machine Learning beginners looking for must-read content. Researchers showcasing their work.

What can I expect from the Digest?

Our goal is to uncover the best resources in Machine Learning, and distribute them in a fast, easy and efficient way. Once per week, we send out an email newsletters picking and listing the best resources we've gathered on our platform in that given week.

The best Machine Learning resources of the week, packaged in a single email

Curated by a community of over 800 Machine Learning enthusiasts

A list of Papers, Guides, Books, Projects and Posts to check out

Including resources in Computer Vision, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, GANs and anything else

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Is this for me?

If you are reading this, most likely yes. We've engineered our digests to be helpful for some specific niches, and think you'll profit most of the digest if you're part of them. but that doesn't mean that you can't benefit if you're not.

Machine Learning Engineers
Let's start with the obvious. If you do work with Machine Learning, you should subscribe to this. Once per week, you're getting a community-curated of list of the absolute must-reads iny our industry. If you want to stay in the loop of Machine Learning, this is a fast, reliable, easy and free way to do so.

Beginners to Machine Learning
While papers might not be quite interesting to you just yet, our users also share guides, blogposts, books and courses. Once per week, you're therefore receiving a community-curated reading and study list, sent right to your inbox. No better way to know what's relevant to study!

Machine Learning & AI Researchers
We trust that you have your own workflows in finding relevant research in your niche. If not, obviously we'd love to help out and you are welcome to subscribe. What's not as straightforward is to discover when research lands in the media, or if it is used in an applied project. Apart from Papers, we also include new Projects, Products and Books in our Digest.

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Discover the Best of Machine Learning.

Ever having issues keeping up with everything that's going on in Machine Learning? That's where we help. We're sending out a weekly digest, highlighting the Best of Machine Learning.

Join over 900 Machine Learning Engineers receiving our weekly digest.

Best of Machine LearningBest of Machine Learning

Discover the best guides, books, papers and news in Machine Learning, once per week.