Deep Learning Project : Explainable AI for Morphed Face Detection

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Hey guys, our professor wants us to work in a new domain of using VGG16 and FLRP to detect morphed images and then use Explainable AI to further write a research paper on the same. Now while I did take up ML as a subject and currently taking up DL. Our courses were online due to which I paid half attention in our classes and ended up losing my core topics. I came across a research paper and tried to understand it better. However I need help. While my mentor helps but I cannot really act like a noob in front of him. So I am actually hoping someone can guide me on how to proceed with this stuff. I am familiar with basics, can do python, have used SciKit and can understand what is actually happening in the code however go blank while writing something of my own. In short, 1. Can someone help me understand the topic better and guide me on how to proceed with the project. 2. I need to finish the project atleast in the span of 2 months beginning now. Is that time sufficient. The research paper publication is an altogether different thing later on. Thanks.


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