Chinese Leading e-commerce service platform Meituan stirs up the unmanned aerial vehicle market, smart logistics will enter the era of unmanned aerial vehicles

People sit at home and their meals come from the sky. This is a future scenario rendered by countless logistic drone manufacturers. Since the establishment of intelligent logistics, Chinese companies such as SF Express,, and Ali are actively exploring the development and commercial application of logistics drones. At the end of July, Meituan UAV signed a contract with the Shenzhen Bay SIC Super Headquarters Center to complete the pilot operation mechanism of the UAV distribution business circle, including automated airport facilities that integrate the city’s low-altitude logistics network in the architectural design. As a carrier, it serves the needs of residents in the surrounding 3km business district. At that time, users only need to place an order on the Mei tuan APP, and they will be able to receive the items delivered from the SIC Super Headquarters in as little as 10 minutes.


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