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Towards Data Science is a Medium publication centered around Data Science & Machine Learning

A weekly newsletter about current media coverage of AI

A weekly newsletter about new findings, papers and explorations in Deep Learning

MIT / Technology Review powered Newsletter about AI.

Jack Clark’s (OpenAI) blog about AI.

Good beginner resources & blog posts about Machine Learning projects and tops & tricks.

News & Blogs
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Projects, Tips & Tricks about Data Science and Machine Learning.

Data stories on machine learning and analytics

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Subreddit based around Machine Learning.

News & Blogs
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A bi-weekly newsletter with thoughts and links on productized artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and the tech/startup industry. Delivered to your inbox every second Sunday.

A site dedicated to providing accessible and informed coverage of the latest AI news and trends with news digest, briefs about major events, and in-depth editorials.

A digital magazine that aims to democratize research in AI & ML with accessible and technically informed coverage of the most important new papers and perspectives on recent developments & long-term trends.

An online Journal for preseting ML research in a a Clear, Dynamic and Vivid way.

A place for SAIL students, faculty, and researchers to share their work with the general public.

A blog summarizing multiple fields and topics in ML.

A blog taking on specific topic in ML.

Highly followed Natural Language Processing News

Great blog about Natural Language Processing.

A list of the biggest datasets for ML.